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JRDA Rules Addendum for WFTDA Rules

This document shows the JRDA changes for junior play to the WFTDA ruleset dated 1 January 2015. All rules not specifically modified here remain as in the original ruleset.

These rules are for regulation games; changes may and should be made to non-regulation games on an individual basis as required to allow for skater safety, ability, and endurance. For example, beginning skaters may play two 15-minute periods instead of the regulation 30-minute periods, allow extra players on a team roster, or allow 60 seconds between jams instead of 30. All changes must be discussed and agreed to by both team captains/coaches and the head referee before the game starts.


JRDA Addenda for other Rule Sets

After polling our membership, the JRDA has determined that other rule sets - specifically USARSMADE, and RDCL bank-track rules - do not require modification for use with players under the age of 18 at this time.

Rules Study Guide

This study guide is for skaters who are preparing for their written skills tests, or for anyone who wants to learn more about the rules.

JRDA Code of Conduct

All JRDA Rules Addenda reference the JRDA Code of Conduct and make transgressions of that code a misconduct penalty. This form may be signed by multiple people at any game or event.

Pre-Game Protocol

Before each game, officials will check the fit and function of all skaters' safety equipment.