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REQUIRED -- Player registration

In order to be active on a charter, ALL PLAYERS must be registered with the JRDA. Each player/parent will now "own" their identity and personal information.   Coaches MAY NOT fill out this form for the player unless they are the player's parent/guardian.   

Click to access the player registration form

Name and Number changes

Player name and jersey numbers go into effect immediately.  There is no waiting period to change your name or number.  

Charter submission

Submit your team's charter using the form linked below.

Initial Charters are due by December 1st and activate 30 days after submission.

Updated Charters can be submitted any time after the activation of an initial charter and activate 14 days after submission.

Click to access the charter submission form

How to submit a charter

PostSeason Eligibility

To retain Postseason eligibility, all players who wish to join a team's charter must do so prior to April 1st of the current season and must remain on the team through the Postseason. Players added to a charter after April 1st will not be eligible for Postseason play.


Charter Team: A listing of up to twenty (20) players who have passed JRDA Level 3 Skate Skills Assessments and have been active members of your League for a minimum of fourteen (14) days. A minimum of eight (8) active chartered players is required to participate in a sanctioned game. A Charter Team is specific to an individual Division in which a League intends to participate in Sanctioned Games. Only National Member Leagues may submit charters.

Each player may only be listed on ONE Charter per Division (Maximum 2 charters). 

Game-Day Roster: A listing of up to fifteen (15) players who are active on your League's Charter and will be participating in a Sanctioned game. 

When preparing the IGRF for a game, the HNSO (or individual assigned this task) should populate the team rosters on the IGRF with each team's entire Charter; then at the pre-game meeting, cross off any players that will not be participating in the game. 

NOTE: All players on a sanctioned game-day roster must be listed on that team's active charter. Each team must have an approved / active charter on file with the JRDA Games Department.  Please make sure you give yourself 14 days before any sanctioned game to add / change the players on the charter on file for your team in order to ensure these players are eligible to play in the sanctioned game.

Charter Activation Waiting Periods: All National Member teams must submit an initial charter for each season by December 1st. Initial charters activate thirty (30) days after submission (including when submitted after the deadline).

After the activation of a team's initial charter, all updated charter submissions activate after a fourteen (14) day review and processing period. So long as no errors are outstanding after the waiting period, the submission will activate and be available for use in sanctioned games starting on the activation date.

Postseason Eligibility Deadline: To be eligible to participate in the Postseason for a team, players must be placed on the team charter, and not be subsequently removed, by April 1st of the current season. Players chartered in two divisions must choose which team they will play for in the Postseason by April 1st. Players may continue to play in two divisions until May 31st.

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