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Player Registration is Required before being placed on a charter

To be placed on a charter, ALL PLAYERS must fill out the skater registration form.  Each skater/parent will now "own" their identity and personal information.   Coaches MAY NOT fill out this form for the player unless they are the player's parent/guardian.   


Name and Number changes

Player name and jersey numbers go into effect immediately.  There is no waiting period to change your name or number.  


Use this form to request that a player's skater name, skater number, and/or legal name be changed on their registration form.

Post Season Transfer Skaters

A transfer skater must be added to a JRDA league's active charter by submitting the charter request on March 1 or before to be eligible for any JRDA Champs / Playoffs / Regional Tournament games, unless the skater has not appeared on any other league's charter during the current competitive season.

Links needed for Charters

Click to access the charter submission form

Click to access the player registration form

How to submit a charter

To submit a charter, you will follow the link above for the Charter Submission form and fill out the form.  

This is required for both new and updated charters.  Every single submission requires a full charter to be uploaded.  

Waiting period

Effective March 1, 2020

The charter waiting period has been decreased from 30 days to 14 days.  After receipt of the charter submission request, the new charter will be active in 14 days.  

Items to Note regarding charter changes

  • Only skaters who were under 18 at the beginning of the season (9/1) are eligible to be added

  • No skater may be on two teams in the same division at the same time.

  • Charter additions go into effect 14 days after the registration is received.

  • Charter removals may be put into effect immediately if requested by the parent or a coach of the team the skater is leaving.

  • Name and number changes go into effect immediately.  Please email to request any name or number changes. 

Key Definitions

Divisions: JRDA sanctioned play is divided into 3 divisions:

Female & Male Divisions:

  • All teams competing in the Female or Male Divisions must be comprised entirely of skaters who do not identify as the opposing gender, as defined in the JRDA Non-Discrimination Policy.

Open (Non-Gender Specific) Division:

  • Teams competing in the Open division can be made up of skaters of any gender identification.

League:  A member league of JRDA that may have multiple team charters (or no team charters if not engaged in competitive play).

Charter Team: A listing of up-to 20 skaters who have passed Level 3 Skate Skills Assessments and have been an active member of your League for a minimum of 14 days. A minimum of 6 skaters is required to participate in a sanctioned game. A Charter Team is specific to an individual Division in which a League intends to participate in Sanctioned Games.

No one skater can be listed on more than one Charter in the same Division. 

All charter team submissions are subject to a 14 days review and processing period. As long as no errors are outstanding after 14 days, the submission will become active and available to use for games register with the JRDA. 

Home Team: A listing of skaters who are active members of your League. A Home Team is specific to an individual League and is not restricted to Division. A Home Team is only eligible to participate in Regulation Games or Home Team Games.

Roster: A listing of up to 15 skaters who are active on your League's Charter and will be participating in a Sanctioned game.  NOTE: All players on a sanctioned game day roster must be listed on that team's active charter. Each team must have an approved / active charter on file with the JRDA Games Department.  Please make sure you give yourself 14 days before any sanctioned game to add/change the players on the charter you have registered for your team in order to ensure these players are eligible to play in the sanctioned game.

Transfer Policy: A skater may not be added to a JRDA league's active charter after March 1 and be eligible for any JRDA Champs / Playoffs / Regional Tournament games held April 1st or later, unless the skater has not appeared on any other league's charter during the current competitive season.  Please see JRDA Policies for more details on the Transfer Policy.

Sanctioned Game: A game played between two (2) JRDA Member Leagues, with active Charters within the same division, using the current rules of Flat Track Roller Derby for ranking purposes. 

Regulation Game: A game which is played using the current rules of Flat Track Derby with JRDA Rules Addendum, and is not played for ranking purposes.

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