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Consecutive Games Policy

Consecutive Games Policy

For any three consecutive sanctioned games played by a JRDA skater, there must either be a 90-minute gap between the end of Game 1 and the start of Game 2, or a 90-minute gap between the end of Game 2 and the start of Game 3. 

- This policy does not otherwise prohibit a skater from playing on multiple teams in the same event (for example, skating for a Female Division team and an Open Division team at a JRDA tournament)
- This policy would apply to all sanctioned and regulation JRDA play, not just JRDA Championships or JRDA Regional Tournaments
- This policy applies to entire teams, as well as individual skaters playing for multiple teams
- The penalty for playing a skater in violation of this policy is forfeit by the offending team
- If the 90 minute break is not achieved by the start of a game, the skater may not play in the game at all (i.e., the skater may not enter at halftime, etc.)
- Champs schedules will not be altered to accommodate skaters in this position.  If a skater's team is scheduled for a 4:00pm game but the skater is not permitted to skate until 4:15pm, the start time of the game will not be delayed 15 minutes.  The skater simply may not play.

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