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2023 Junior Roller Derby World Cup

 The 2023 Junior Roller Derby World Cup will be held July 28-30 in Valence, France, and will be hosted by the Fédération Française de Roller & Skateboard's Junior Collectif of Equipe de France.

The JRDA US will host several tryouts between August and October  to field one Female Division and one Open Division USA team. 

Register for the tryouts with a SportsEngine account at the registration link below.  A one-time fee of $40 for this registration grants access to all the tryouts for all eligible divisional play.

The registration is open to any member league player who does NOT turn 18 until AFTER September 1, 2022.  This is a one-time registration that grants access to all of the tryouts for both eligible divisions that will be held between August and October 2022.

When attending a World Cup tryout players should bring the following in addition to their regular full gear:

  • a light shirt (ideally with your derby name and number on it)
  • a dark shirt (ideally with your derby name and number on it)

They will be using these for scrimmaging.

Also, please note the following:

  • players should come to the practice venue ready to go (except for their gear/skates). At each venue, the start and stop times posted are the entry and exit times (when doors open and by what time we must leave).  Warmups will start shortly after check-in.
  • all practice times are posted on our World Cup US Teams Facebook page (link below)
  • these are closed tryouts--only the registered player and the coaches (and any designated volunteers) will be allowed in the venue unless there is a medical need.

Please contact if you have questions or concerns.

USA Teams Facebook page for the 2023 Junior Roller Derby World Cup

Follow the Facebook Page of the JRDA US World Cup Teams for more details about tryouts. Tryouts will be held in Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, Tampa FL, Philadelphia PA and Chicago IL.