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Jersey Policy


Starting with the 2021-2022 Competitive Season, leagues are required to have at least two uniform options throughout the season for Sanctioned Gameplay – a predominantly white jersey and at least one other jersey option that contrasts with white.  Every sanctioned game must feature one team in white and one team in a contrasting color.

Jersey numbers must be in high contrast to the base color, a minimum of six inches in height and consistently sized.  No letters, symbols or punctuation marks are allowed within the number itself; those outside of the number may be no more than two inches in height.  If numbers are printed on the sleeve of the jersey, they must be between two and four inches in height and match the number on the back of the jersey. Charter roster numbers are limited to a maximum of four (4) numerals.

The home / hosting league / high seeded team may choose which color option to wear; the visiting/ low seeded team is then assigned the contrasting jersey color.  For neutral site or multi-team events such as tournaments, the GTO or Tournament Organizer determines and communicates the jersey color assignments to participating leagues.  Where possible, consideration should be given to minimizing the chances that a team plays in consecutive games wearing the same color jersey.  If matchups are not known ahead of time (as with bracketed events), apply best judgment.

The JRDA Games Department is available to assist with jersey assignments and is the final arbiter in cases of disputes.  The Games Department can be reached at


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