A sanctioned game is played using the current rules of Flat Track Roller Derby with JRDA Rules Addenda, between two (2) JRDA Member Leagues with active Charters within the same division for ranking purposes, and must comply with all Sanctioning requirements herein:

Skater Skill Level: Sanctioned games must be played by Skater Skill Level 3 teams.

Track Layout: All track layout guidelines can be found in the following WFTDA Track Layout doc.

Rules: The rules of Flat Track Roller Derby with JRDA Rules Addenda must be followed exactly and completely during all sanctioned play. The rules may not be modified by individual teams, game contracts between teams, or any other entity or person.

Uniforms: JRDA Patches must be present on each skaters uniform for JRDA Regional and Championship game play. You can obtain the license for the high resolution logo to print directly on your uniforms for by emailing treasurer@juniorrollerderby.org .

JRDA uses the current WFTDA Stats Workbook. 

Within 48 Hours AFTER the Game:

(The IGRF is the first page from the Statsbook. Teams can take a picture, or scan the signed form to submit.)

Within 2 Weeks AFTER the Game: