Who can sanction a game?

JRDA Member Leagues. Non-member leagues are not entitled to sanctioning benefits.

The host is responsible for all sanctioning duties as well as making sure the venue and referee structure is in compliance with JRDA regulations and safety protocol.

Who is allowed to be rostered for a sanctioned game?

Only those skaters who are listed on a team's approved active charter for that specific division are able to participate in a sanctioned game. Their numbers and names must match the charter exactly.

Current charters are posted on each team's page on the JRDA website.  No login is required to view the current charter and should be verified by the HNSO and team coaches prior to the game. 

Non-chartered skaters will NOT be allowed to participate in a sanctioned JRDA game. Participation of non-chartered skaters in a sanctioned game is grounds for forfeit by the violating League.

Who should submitted for a sanctioned game?

The hosting league is responsible for submitting for sanctioning. 

What are the deadlines for sending in the sanctioning submission?

A minimum 30 days before the date of the game(s).

Are there any fees associated with sanctioning a game?

There are no fees associated with sanctioning a game. However, if the package is sent in late, the game's sanction may be revoked.

What if I submit for sanctioning passed the 30 day deadline?

Each League will be given a one time exception per season on late sanctioning submissions. Once a League's exception has been given, any late submissions will no longer be accepted and your game will not be sanctioned. Sanctioning will not accept any documentation or stats information and your game will not apply towards rankings.

What do I do to complete sanctioning after the game?

Within 48 hours of the game, you will need to submit, through the Score and Stats Reporting System:

  • The complete and signed IGRF (Interleague Game Reporting Form) found  in the stats workbook. 
    • Signatures from the Head Ref, Head NSO, and both captains are required.  If a captain is unavailable due to no fault of their own, a coach signature will be accepted. 
    • The IGRF should indicate no more than 15 skaters per team.  Extra skaters may be crossed off. 
  • If there were any expulsions, the completed Expulsion Form must also be attached to the submission

Within two (2) weeks of the game, you will need to submit:

  • The completed Stats Workbook in Excel format

Late submissions may be subject to having sanctioning privileges revoked until submissions are complete. 

Is the JRDA patch required on our uniforms?

JRDA Patches must be present on each skaters uniform for JRDA Regional and Championship game play.  Patches ARE NOT REQUIRED for any other sanctioned games. You can purchase the license for the high resolution logo to print directly on your uniforms for $50 by emailing treasurer@juniorrollerderby.org.