Below is a list of Events Dept Committees. Each section includes a short description of duties as well as the time generally required as a member of that specific committee.

Planning CommitteE

  • Work with Host to gather event specific details such as surrounding hotels, amenities, attractions, event transportation
  • Coordinate venue layout to include vendor space, track layout, locker rooms, etc.
  • Coordinate with social media to promote events as well as  event updates

TIME COMMITMENT: 1-3 hrs per week


Venue Site Committee

  • Assisting with soliciting bids and reviewing bids for hosting future JRDA tournaments 
  • Assisting JRDA with finding volunteers at future sites to serve on the Events Planning Committee

TIME COMMITMENT: 1-3 hrs per week




  • Assist JRDA with finding sponsors for future JRDA events

TIME COMMITMENT: 1-3 hrs per week