Below is a list of Rules Dept Committees. Each section includes a short description of duties as well as the time generally required as a member of that specific committee.

Safety CommitteE

  • Review and revise all JRDA Safety Policies
  • Ensure all safety compliance is followed by all JRDA Depts

TIME COMMITMENT: 1-3 hrs per week

Rules Advisory Committee

  • Advise and oversee all rules changes as they apply to the JRDA
  • Develop or revise all JRDA rules docs and policies

TIME COMMITMENT: 3-5 hrs per week

Rules Theory Committee

  • Lead rules based discussions with Rules Theory Panel
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to Rules Advisory Committee

TIME COMMITMENT: 3-5 hrs per week

Rules Compliance

  • Ensure the enforcement of all JRDA rules
  • Work with Rules Advisory Committee to create all JRDA Rules and Certification Tests
  • Produce and distribute tests as requested by JRDA Membership

TIME COMMITMENT: 3-5 hrs per week