To qualify for JRDA Championships, teams must:

1) Be ranked in the Top Ten in their division

2) After achieving a strength and ranking, play at least four qualifying sanctioned games between September 1st and the cutoff date established by the Games Department at the beginning of the season (for the 2018/2019 season, the cutoff date is May 31st)

Strength and ranking can carry over from season to season; a team that enters a season with a valid strength / ranking would need to play four sanctioned games to qualify.  A team that is starting from scratch and has played no games towards strength / ranking, would first need to play three games to establish strength / ranking, followed by four games to qualify for Championships, for a total of seven games in all.

For more information about how strength and ranking are established, please visit the RANKINGS CALCULATOR BREAKDOWN tab on THIS PAGE.


If teams ranked in the Top Ten decline their invitations, invitations will be extended in turn to the #11, #12, #13 etc. teams until a full bracket is achieved.