Board of Directors - Directors at Large Position Descriptions

Parent Rep (general Board position)

Parent Representative is a General Board position.  The Parent Representative works with the Regional Coordinator Representative to ensure communications address parental concerns.  The Parent Rep collaborates with the Membership Department to promote league registration, and assists with creating content for the "New Members" portion of the website.  The Parent Rep is expected to attend monthly Board and Leadership meetings, and to communicate regularly with JRDA constituents to ensure a variety of family perspectives are represented in organization decision-making. 

Time commitment: 5+ hours per week.

Regional Coordinator Rep (general Board position)

Represent regional coordinators' concerns (must be a current Regional Coordinator to serve in this position).

Department Chairs - Position Descriptions

Games Department Chair

The Games Department Chair oversees all Games Department committees and committee heads, and creates new committees as needed.  The Games Department Chair helps review games-related policies and monitors league compliance, and ensures that committee communications with JRDA member leagues are addressed in a timely manner.  The Games Department Chair serves on the Suspension Panel (discussions, investigations, and written communications with all parties involved with the suspension process).  The Games Department Chair meets with the JRDA Board and Leadership team monthly, and participates in other JRDA meetings as appropriate (Events Planning, Regional Coordinator, etc.).  The Games Department Chair is expected to travel to JRDA-hosted events as needed.  Time commitment: 10+ hours per week, depending on seasonal demand.

Safety Department Chair

In progress: More information to come

Membership Department Chair

The Membership Department Chair is responsible for recruiting new JRDA member leagues, ensuring members get processed and receive membership benefits, and confirming compliance with membership requirements (insurance, background checks, etc.).  The Membership Department Chair works with the Media Department to determine social media pushes, and assists the Events Department in the planning of events such as JRDA Championships.  Membership oversees the Regional Coordinators, and along with the RCs is a primary point of contact for league questions, issues, etc. 

Time commitment: 5+ hours per week

Rules Department Chair

The Rules Director is a General Board Position. The purpose of the Rules Committee is to establish the Standard Operating Procedure for developing a junior roller derby rule set for each popular adult rule set being used across North America. The Rules Committee will also be responsible for establishing training agendas, criteria, and processes for skating referees, NOSs, coaches and trainers with safety as the #1 priority.

Time Commitment:  5 hours a week

HR Director

The purpose of the JRDA HR Committee is to recruit new JRDA Representatives at the national and regional levels. The HR Committee will also be responsible for receiving, recording, and contacting teams/leagues/individuals who have submitted a formal grievance to the JRDA. Finally, the HR committee will be the face and voice to the external roller derby organizations.  League Mediation Establish and maintain procedures on handling JRDA grievances that are reported.  Legal Compliance Verify all JRDA happenings are in line with the JRDA mission statement and Bylaws; Establish and maintain policies and procedures to verify compliance

Time Commitment:  5 hours a week

Diversity & Inclusion Department Chair

The Diversity and Inclusion Department Chair collaborates with athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and leadership to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in JRDA's programs, events, and policies. Helps ensure that athletes of all backgrounds feel supported within JRDA and are empowered to act as agents of positive change.  Oversees and coordinates relevant professional development for leadership and volunteers and maintains resources to support their work.  Promotes equality of opportunity for leadership positions and player development.  Participates in monthly leadership meetings with Department Chairs and the Board of Directors. The Diversity and Inclusion Department Chair must have understanding and experience with the scope of the JRDA, knowledge of the broader junior roller derby community (member and nonmember leagues alike), and demonstrated long-term commitment to the development of junior roller derby.

Time Commitment 5-10 hours per week.