Department Chairs/Coordinator Descriptions

Games Department Chair-

The Games Department Chair oversees all Games Department committees and committee heads, and creates new committees as needed.  The Games Department Chair helps review games-related policies and monitors league compliance, and ensures that committee communications with JRDA member leagues are addressed in a timely manner.  The Games Department Chair serves on the Suspension Panel (discussions, investigations, and written communications with all parties involved with the suspension process).  The Games Department Chair works closely with the Rules Department and Safety Department, meets with the Board of Directors and Leadership team monthly, and participates in other JRDA meetings as appropriate (Events Planning, Regional Coordinators, etc.).  The Games Department Chair is expected to travel to JRDA-hosted events as needed.  

Time commitment: 10+ hours per week, depending on seasonal demand.

Rules Department Chair-

The Rules Director is a General Board Position. The purpose of the Rules Committee is to establish the Standard Operating Procedure for developing a junior roller derby rule set for each popular adult rule set being used across North America. The Rules Committee will also be responsible for establishing training agendas, criteria, and processes for skating referees, NOSs, coaches and trainers with safety as the #1 priority. Advise and oversee all rules changes as they apply to the JRDA Create and update JRDA Level Assessments (skills and rules knowledge) Develop curricula to further development of junior officials Promote junior officiating in JRDA gameplay

Time Commitment:  3-5 hours a week

Safety Department Chair-

COVID Risk Mitigation Concussion Protocol and Training Injury Reduction 

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours a week

Membership Department Chair-

The Membership Department Chair is responsible for recruiting new JRDA member leagues, ensuring members get processed and receive membership benefits, and confirming compliance with membership requirements (insurance, background checks, etc.).  The Membership Department Chair works with the Media Department to determine social media pushes, and assists the Events Department in the planning of events such as JRDA Championships.  Membership oversees the Regional Coordinators, and along with the RCs is a primary point of contact for league questions, issues, etc.  General Q&A regarding JRDA Membership from the junior roller derby community Maintain JRDA Membership Information - Google Spreadsheet based on registration information Email members with WELCOME letter and followup information needed to complete membership. Monthly email blast to members/nonmembers from JRDA databases 

TIME COMMITMENT: 3-5 hrs per week

Media Department Chair-

The JRDA Media Dept is looking for some creative thinkers with project management and good communicator skills with a positive attitude, commitment to continuous improvement, and ability to thrive in an ever-evolving organization. All committee members will also work with the Media Director to develop and implement compelling written and graphic content for the JRDA website, email marketing, and social media channels. Expertise in the various main social media platforms - what type of content works best on what platform, how to engage an audience, optimizing content accordingly, & understanding the different nuances of each platform. Search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge preferred. Excellent customer service skills required, including strong written communication. Finding and implementing social media automation & management tools that best serve the JRDA. Work with the graphics committee to put together attractive social media posts, having a firm grasp on social media trends and analytics tools Creating processes for photographer credentials with JRDA events. Coordinating with other photographer(s) to ensure coverage of events in all event locations. Building a collection of photos JRDA’s Media department has license to use for marketing purposes. Review and edit all JRDA related video content Post and maintain JRDA's YouTube channel familiarity with different types of image media, video formats, video encoding, and web safe design Review videographer contracts and policies for JRDA events, and create them when applicable. Create video content JRDA’s Media department has license to use for marketing purposes.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hrs per week depending volume

Events Department Chair-

The Events Department Chair Work with Host to gather event specific details such as surrounding hotels, amenities, attractions, event transportation. Coordinate venue layout to include vendor space, track layout, locker rooms, etc. Coordinate with social media to promote events as well as  event updates Assisting with soliciting bids and reviewing bids for hosting future JRDA tournaments. Find volunteers at future sites  Find sponsors for future JRDA events

Time Commitment: 3-5 hrs per week

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator-

The Diversity and Inclusion Chair collaborates with athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and leadership to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in JRDA's programs, events, and policies. Helps ensure that athletes of all backgrounds feel supported within JRDA and are empowered to act as agents of positive change.  Oversees and coordinates relevant professional development for leadership and volunteers and maintains resources to support their work.  Promotes equality of opportunity for leadership positions and player development.  Participates in monthly leadership meetings with the Board of Directors and Department Chairs. The Diversity and Inclusion Chair must have understanding and experience with the scope of the JRDA, knowledge of the broader junior roller derby community (member and nonmember leagues alike), and have demonstrated long-term commitment to the development of junior roller derby.

Time Commitment 3-5 hours per week.