Department Chairs/Coordinator Descriptions

Games Department Chair

The Games Department Chair reports to the JRDA Senior Vice President. The primary functions of the position are to create, maintain, and oversee systems and procedures for collecting, processing, and disseminating Games related data and information related to charters, sanctioning, and game statistics, as well as updating and enforcing Games related policies (e.g., JRDA Sanctioning Policy).  

Job Duties Include:

  • Oversee all Games Department Committees and their respective Chairpersons. 

  • Assist with day-to-day operations as needed.

  • Annual revision and update (as needed) of Games-related policies.

  • Monitor and enforce compliance with Games-related policies. 

  • Attend monthly JRDA Leadership meetings.

  • Serve on the Postseason Committee.

  • Serve on the Suspension Review Panel (this Panel investigates circumstances and renders decisions upon receipt of any suspension recommendations arising from sanctioned games).

  • Serve on the Sanctioning Review Panel (this Panel investigates circumstances and renders decisions when Sanctioning Policy violations occur).

  • Travel to and attend JRDA Postseason events as needed. 

  • Work interdepartmentally with the HR, Rules, and Safety Departments as needed.



  • Flexible availability for time-sensitive tasks

  • Mastery of Google Apps including: Sheets, Docs, Forms, Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar

  • Strong organization & problem-solving skills 

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to work collaboratively

  • Knowledge and understanding of JRDA Games-related policies (especially the Sanctioning Policy) 

Preferred/Stand-out Qualifications

  • 3+ years of officiating experience (Skating and / or Non-Skating)

  • Working knowledge of youth sports in general (not just roller derby)

  • Advanced Google Workspace knowledge (especially Google Sheets formulas)

  • Advanced knowledge of statistics 

Time commitment: 10+ hours per week, depending on seasonal demand.


Rules Committee Chair- 

The Rules Committee Chair is a position reporting to the Senior Vice President of JRDA. The primary function of the position is to create and maintain documentation for the rules and the enforcement thereof. It is also integral in working with the Games and Safety departments on subjects related to the proper functioning of a game in a safe, inclusive, fair, and youth-context roller derby environment.

NOTE: While the concept of “rules” is part of a “game” and involves “safety,” the Rules Committee provides recommendations, documentation, and guidance regarding the proper functioning of the game from a game theory perspective. This includes balancing an improper act with the proper mitigation (penalties or other boundaries to gameplay), such as unfair acts, unduly unsafe acts, or acts that stand in opposition of youth-based sporting. Games, however, is based around where the rules meet the skaters (everything that’s not a “rule,” per-se, such as officiating procedures, sanctioning, seeding, postseason), and Safety is concerned with ultimately, participants’ safety first and foremost. A healthy gameplay environment encompasses all three.

Rules Pillars/Values:

The following pillars are the lens with which Rules will be looking at any changes/considerations to the sport:

  • Incentivise Fairness: We want the game to be as fair as possible, as any sport strives to do.

  • Incentivise Safety: Roller derby is a full-contact sport, but we want to minimize severely unsafe play

  • Incentivise Play: We want to make it more accessible, and more likely, for more roller derby to happen. Not “rules for rules’ sake” or overburdening the game to make it less likely for roller derby to occur.

  • JRDA as a Youth Sport: We want to incentivise all actions that have a proper context within a Youth Sports lens (decorum, leadership, teamwork, fair play, etc), and that this is a youth sport first and foremost, not just “roller derby.”

  • JRDA Identity: There are many flavors of roller derby at many different age groups. While JRDA started with using WFTDA as a model, it is its own organization, and its own identity. There must be a balance between the own-identity and the broader roller derby community.

Job Duties:

  • Yearly review and publishing of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, JRDA Edition.

  • And all related documents (Quick Addenda Document, Rules Assessments)

  • Ongoing review of the rules and development of errata/updates

  • Rules reviews after postseason concludes, to be published December 1.

  • Monthly meeting with JRDA Leadership

  • Coordinate with WFTDA for any particular rules modifications and/or considerations

  • Including, but not limited to, the JRDA Rules Theory seat in WFTDA

  • Give guidance and recommendations to Games and Safety pillars regarding gameplay from a Rules context


  • A passion for the sport of flat track roller derby

  • Working knowledge of the rules of WFTDA/JRDA style of Flat Track Roller Derby

  • Organization skills (detail-oriented, problem-solving)

  • Ability to work in a group in committee settings

  • Work Attitude (positive mentality, work ethic, and ownership of the work)

  • Working knowledge of youth sports in general (not just roller derby)

Preferred/Stand-out Qualifications

  • Certification in the combined WFTDA/JRDA/MRDA Officials Certification process

  • Or some equivalent officiating experience, whether refereeing or NSOing

  • Technical skills in Google Workspace

  • Passion for game theory, especially around sport

  • An existing commitment to roller derby in general (affiliation with a league, long-standing work as an official, etc)

  • Knowledge of the entirety of the sport of roller derby, not just officiating individual games, such as tournament coordination, or games oversight, or the non-game aspects of tournaments and games

Time Commitment:  3-5 hours a week; renewable one-year position


Safety Committee Chair -  

The Safety Committee Chair is responsible for promoting the JRDA's safety policies within the association. They attend the monthly JRDA Leadership meeting and provide educational materials to association leaders and members in an effort to foster a safe playing environment and reduce the occurrence of roller derby related injuries. It is important to note that the Player Safety Coordinator is not involved with any disciplinary procedures. 

Job Duties:

  • Promote safety education, training opportunities and the use of proper equipment.

  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with association leadership and members.

  • Ensure that all members and the association are cognizant of the safety policies and procedures that apply to the association. 

  • Monitor the occurrence of roller derby related injuries. 


  • Background in the medical field

  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic. 

  • Passionate about the success of the association and the safety of its players.

  • Must be objective and detail oriented. 

  • Efficient planner with a commitment to follow-through on tasks. 

  • Excellent organizational and communication (oral and written) skills.  

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours a week; renewable one-year term


Membership Department Chair - 

The Membership Department Chair is a leadership position that meets monthly with the JRDA Board. 

Job Duties:

  • Tracking league membership each season via the SportsEngine registration process.

  • Prepare a monthly membership report (by Tier, by Division) of current and expired members for the monthly Leadership meeting.  

  • Assist other departments with league membership compliance (insurance, volunteers registration, volunteer trainings such as SafeSport, etc.)

  • Contact potential new member leagues identified by the Leadership team

  • Contact any lapsed member leagues or current member league not in compliance.

  • Welcome all new and renewing members and connect them to members' benefits and resources.


  • Comfortable navigating spreadsheets and mastering the SportsEngine registry 

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality on sensitive membership information. 

  • Must be objective and detail oriented. 

  • Excellent organizational, communication (oral and written), problem solving and interpersonal skills. 

  • Efficient planner with a commitment to follow-through on tasks. 

  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic. 

  • Passionate about the success of the association and junior roller derby. 

  • Successfully pass a background screen (and recommended that you complete SafeSport Training) 

Time Commitment:: 3-5 hrs per week; renewable one-year term


Media Department Chair  

The Media Department Chair oversees the JRDA's social media accounts and assists with the annual Championship event.  They attend the monthly JRDA Leadership meeting.

Job Duties:

  • Responsible for assisting in publicizing and promoting JRDA events, related derby posts from international federations, JRDA membership

  •  Serves as the primary contact for media

  • Assists with website event updates, YouTube video account management, manages all social media accounts including updates, posts, and archiving. 

  • Assists with procuring streaming and sound for Championships events

  • Assist with creating graphics for media content


  • Solid writing and interpersonal communication skills and  sports media relations/communications experience. 

  • Previous experience working with sound equipment and video work

  • Marketing skills a plus

  • Experience working with social media accounts 

  • Ability to work with new and emerging communications methods and tools

Time Commitment: 3-5 hrs per week depending volume


Events Department Chair - 

The Events Department Chair plans and executes the JRDA Playoffs and Championships events from start to finish.  They also assist the Treasurer with the biennial planning of the Junior Roller Derby World Cup and the development of the USA Teams for this event. They attend the monthly JRDA Leadership team meetings.

Job Duties:

  • Playoffs:

    • Attends all Postseason Committee meetings to assist with location planning, team location assignments, seeding, etc.

    • Communicate with each location Site Director with all relevant information leading up to, the day of, and after the events.

    • Assist Treasurer with procurement of banners and volunteer patches

  • Championships:

    • Assist Treasurer with managing the ticket sales and merchandise sales at the event

    • Assist Treasurer with procurement of vendors, medics, track set-up, PA system and other rentals, hotel block for volunteers, volunteer patches, publication printing, and event purchases.

    • Post and distribute schedules for the event (coordinating schedules with the Media and Games Department)

    • Assist the Media Department with all event media publishing including the program booklet

    • Procure volunteers for assistance at the event

    • Manage the event set-up and tear-down

    • Research potential venue options for future Championships


  • Sports-related event experience will be given prime consideration.

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail 

  • Excellent communication, active listening and problem resolution skills

  • Initiative to resolve a situation, but also know when to include management 

  • Work cooperatively as a member of a team as well as independently within the scope of an assignment 

  • Maintain a customer-oriented approach, with a positive “can do” attitude 

  • Prioritization skills a must 

  • Basic computer technology proficiency  

Time Commitment: 3-5 hrs per week; one year renewable position


Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

The Diversity Committee Chair will implement diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and lead initiatives to attract, include and retain diverse volunteers of the organization and help member leagues attract and retain diverse players and coaches. They attend the monthly JRDA Leadership meetings.

Duties Include:

  • Assist Media with communications strategies and content management for  resources to support diversity initiatives 

  • Identify and address areas where the organization needs to improve inclusion

  • Conduct ongoing research on best practices and recommends strategies for continuous improvement of diversity initiatives for youth sports

  • Collect and analyze statistical data to evaluate diversity in the junior roller derby member community

  • Work with the JRDA Board to design and execute recruiting strategies to attract volunteers from diverse backgrounds 

  • Coordinate efforts to recognize and elevate underrepresented groups 


  • Demonstrated commitment to valuing diversity and contributing to an inclusive environment 

  • Experience developing strategic programs, seeing them through implementation, and making the appropriate adjustments to maximize the impact 

  • Experience in communicating, aligning, and managing internal stakeholders across multiple levels 

  • Strong analytical and quantitative analysis skills with the ability to translate insights into actionable plans 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Time Commitment 3-5 hours per week; a one year renewable position.