General JRDA Departments and Committees

The following JRDA departments are looking for volunteers from across the junior roller derby landscape.  Opportunities to work within a given department are flexible!  The examples listed below are just some of the many ways you can make a difference in each department:

Rules Department (Junior Officials, Officiating Recognition, Documentation, etc.)

Safety Department (Injury Mitigation, Concussion Protocol, etc.)

Membership (Benefits, Compliance, Recruiting, etc.)

Media (Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, etc.)

Events (Planning, Venue Scouting, Sponsorships, etc.)

Finance (Grants, Scholarships)


Department Committee candidates have strong written and interpersonal communication skills and are comfortable working in collaborative teams.

Time commitments are variable - we can work around your availability and find a role that works well for you!