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The JRDA has partnered with Athos Insurance to offer insurance for your league (paid separately from JRDA Membership).

Some of the benefits are:

  • Single, low price for 12 months of coverage for the whole league
  • Coverage and cost based on number of skaters
  • Included liability coverage for your venue(s)
  • No sanctioning or game fees
  • Ability to add non-covered skaters for $2.85 per skater per day
  • Reciprocity agreement in place with all US and Canadian Insurance carriers
  • No restrictions on junior-adult contact during practice
  • Insurance Age is 18 and Under for junior skaters
  • Adult riders can be added to this policy


  • Adult-junior competition is not covered
  • Skaters travelling with their league are covered, but individual skaters who wish to travel to other leagues or events (such as training camps) are not covered under the league policy, and must obtain individual coverage (either a day pass on the organizing league’s policy or an individual policy).

(Note: Athos Insurance in not a requirement of membership.)  Contact for more information or to request a quote.

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