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Mid-Month Rankings Post

By Games Dept, 05/24/17, 12:00PM EDT


Mid-Month Rankings Post

With Champs fast approaching and the abundant number of games being played in May before the May 31st games qualification deadline, the JRDA Rankings Committee has published mid-month Rankings. The May 20th 2017 rankings table reflects games played between June 1, 2016 and May 20, 2017 that were fully submitted and verified by May 21, 2017. Win/Loss totals reflect games played in the current Competitive Season. The +/- column indicates changes from the May 1st 2017 rankings table.

With the high number of games that have been recently received as well as the high number of games that will be played between now and May 31st, we wanted to give teams the opportunity to preview their current standing leading up to the distribution of JRDA Championship invites.

If you are a team that has a sanctioned game scheduled on or before May 31st, please ensure both the completed and signed IGRF and statsbook excel doc are completed and submitted to the JRDA Stats Committee ASAP but no later than 5 PM EST on May 31st in order for your game to be counted towards your games requirements and rankings calculation.The sooner you submit the better! Next Rankings post is schedule to be posted at it's normally scheduled date of June 3rd.