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JRDA Releases Updated Rules Documents

By JRDA, 01/14/19, 3:15PM EST


The Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA) has released new versions of JRDA Addenda to the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, JRDA Edition

JRDA Releases 2019 Updates to The JRDA Addenda to The Rules, Code of Conduct, and Protective Gear Check Protocol.

The Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA) has released new versions of JRDA Addenda to the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, JRDA Edition - officially licensed by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). 

Significant changes to The JRDA Edition / Addenda include:

  • Limited contact for Skill Level 1 and Skill Level 2 and associated Casebook Scenarios have been aligned with the new “Forceful Contact” definition per the Glossary.
  • Specification that the Head Referee is the only Official with the authority to expel Skaters or non-players.
  • Additional Casebook Scenarios covering Unsporting Conduct.
  • All changes from the WFTDA 2019 update to The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby,  including:
    • Jammers only score on opposing Blockers (Jammer Lap Points and Not-On-the-Track points for opposing Jammers have been removed).
    • Failed (Illegal) Star Passes from a Jammer to a Pivot are not considered to have sufficient impact to warrant a penalty.
    • Avoidable, forceful contact to an opponent’s back will be penalized regardless of impact on the game.
    • The Head Referee’s discretion to add another Jam to the end of the game has been expanded to include when there is any officiating error in the last Jam that potentially impacts the winner/loser of the game.
    • More details about the WFTDA Updates are available at

Additionally, the following changes have been incorporated into the Code of Conduct and Protective Gear Check Protocol

  • Code of Conduct: Mouth guards are not required for Skating Officials or Skaters not actively competing in a jam or contact drills.
  • Code of Conduct: CoC Violations outside of game play will be investigated by JRDA
  • Protective Gear Check Protocol: Face Shields compliant with WFTDA Risk Management guidelines are permitted.


As a reminder, protective gear checks – as described in the protocol, are required for all Sanctioned and Regulation JRDA Games, effective July 2018.


All JRDA Sanctioned and Regulation play are required to use these modifications beginning February 1, 2019.  

These updates are available at

"We truly appreciate the partnership with and support from WFTDA," said Alex "bmd" Cline, Chair of the JRDA Rules Advisory Committee, "which furthers the goal of both organizations to create consistency in derby officiating. The licensing model allows JRDA to make the necessary adjustments to help ensure skater safety and promote a learning environment, while giving the most unique youth athletes in the world opportunity for exiting play.  We look forward to continued and growing cooperation with WFTDA, which helps prepare youth skaters for adult play and creates a nearly seamless transition for officials working in both spaces.”


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