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On Track Call Review

On Track Call Review Policy

The JRDA Board of Directors will not override any call made by an official on the track. If you have a question about a call during a game, you may utilize the Official Review process outlined in the rules to request that the head referee review the call and issue a ruling. Once the game has concluded, no additional official reviews can take place, nor can calls be changed. The Head Referee is the highest authority in any JRDA game, and is the final authority for on-track calls. Video footage of action on the track may not be used to influence or overturn any call or no-call made on the track, unless and until video reviews are permitted under the rules.

The Head Referee can eject a player for a variety of reasons, as detailed in the JRDA/WFTDA/MRDA rules. The Head Referee can also penalize a team for the behavior of its fans, or request that venue security remove unruly spectators, as detailed in the JRDA rules. For severe infractions, the head ref can recommend a multiple-game suspension for any player or group of players. Suspensions must be agreed to by the Head Official, tournament head official (if applicable), and both team captains. Any of these decisions are final, and not subject to appeal outside the defined Official Review process.

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