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Postseason Eligibility

Requirements for Postseason Eligibility


-The league must be registered at the National membership tier with JRDA by November 1, 2022.


- A team must play in six (6) sanctioned games from January 1, 2023 - May 31, 2023 to qualify for the postseason.  Teams may get credit for up to two (2) games played against any single opponent.  Teams may play one (1) game total against an opponent from a non-US, JRDA-affiliated organization (JRDA Canada, etc.); the other five (5) games must be against US teams.

- A team may be playing up to three (3) postseason rounds in different locations during the summer, depending on advancement and the number of qualifying teams for the postseason.

- A team will be subject to a one-year postseason suspension for failure to compete in any of the rounds they qualify for (after paying stating their intent to play)

- A team is responsible for a $500 tournament fee due December 1, 2022.


-All team players must appear in at least one sanctioned game for the team during the regular season to be eligible for the postseason with that team

- A team player will NOT retain postseason eligibility if they transfer leagues after the JRDA transfer deadline.

- A team player will NOT retain postseason eligibility if they play at any point for a team that has elected the October - May sanctioning window.

Tournament Guide

Access to the current Tournament Guide can be found in the Members Access section of the site.

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