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2018 Rankings Policy Changes

The posted rankings  reflect the policies that were voted on and approved by Member Congress in July 2018.  This is a listing of those changes and how they are reflected in this calculator:

1 – Rankings will be calculated on a nine (9) month rolling time period, and Strength Rating will continue to be calculated on a twelve (12) month rolling time period.

  • For the August 1, 2018 rankings, the previously posted July 1 rankings were used to calculate each game’s earned rankings points. 
  • To calculate a team’s strength, the rankings points earned over the previous 12 months were used in the calculation.
  • To calculate a team’s ranking, an average of the rankings points earned from games played between November 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018 (9 months) was used.

2 – To achieve a strength and a ranking, a team must play at least three games in a given competitive season.  Additionally, World Open and World Female teams must also play at least one game against a World ranked opponent.

  • Teams who had previously played three games in the past 12 months with one of those games being against a ranked opponent were given a rank and a strength in the August rankings.
  • Teams who drop below the required 2 game minimum in a 12-month period lose their strength and ranking and start over.  They are required to play three games to re-enter the rankings table.  (This is not a new policy, just a clarification)

3 – Bonus rankings multiplier points will be eliminated for JRDA Regional Tournaments and JRDA Championships.

  • There were no bonus multiplier points awarded for games played at 2018 Championships.
  • Games from the 2017 Championships fell off of the calculator, thus are not part of the current rankings.

4 – Games will create new and separate rankings for all three divisions (Open, Female, Male) for the following regions beginning with the 2018-2019 competitive season: Australia, Canada, Europe.  Existing rankings will be rechristened World Rankings. 

  • This will go into effect at the beginning of the next season, Sept 1, 2018