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Score and Stats Reporting

JRDA uses the current  WFTDA Stats Workbook (linked below). 

Within  48 Hours AFTER the Game:

Note: The IGRF is the first two pages from the Statsbook. IGRF submissions must include BOTH pages--page 1 with the game information, rosters and signatures AND page 2 with the officials' rosters. Scanned documents are required.

Within 2 Weeks AFTER the Game:

  • Submit completed digital stats workbook by using the JRDA Statsbook Submission form.  The required workbook and instructions are below.

Score Reporting and IGRF Upload link (48 hours after game)

Submit Your Completed and Signed IGRF and Game Scores

Statsbook Upload Link (2 weeks after game)

Submit Your Completed Excel Statsbook

The statsbook must be completed to the standards outlined in the WFTDA statsbook manual which can be found here:

Only Microsoft Excel workbooks of the WFTDA Statsbook are accepted for this submission.  All other formats will be returned.  Blank versions of this statsbook can be found here:

Statsbook and Manual

Download the Most Recent WFTDA Stats Workbook and/or Stats Manual