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Grievance Policy

JRDA Grievance Policy

Any Grievance involving any JRDA League or Organization must be submitted through the JRDA website or in writing within 30 days of the incident. Supporting evidence must be submitted within 5 business days of the initial filing and receipt of the grievance. Supporting documentation and evidence regarding the grievance may not be altered. Any video footage should be unedited, bout contracts must be signed and dated and not be in violation of the ruleset in use (per the bout contract). Please provide contact information for all parties involved.

The JRDA will not accept an intra-league grievance. All issues within a league must be handled through the appropriate channels through the Board of Directors of that league. The JRDA will only review grievances between two JRDA leagues. The JRDA will only review grievances sent by the league representative on the leagues behalf.

By filing a report, you agree that you have read the JRDA Grievance Policy and Procedures information.

You will need all supporting documents and witness statements to complete your official grievance report.

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