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COVID-19 Communication and Resources

Events Voluntarily Canceled by Hosts

3/21/20-3/22/20 Mayhem in the Mountains Canceled
3/21/20-3/22/20 Bonneville Beatdown Attempting to Reschedule
3/21/20-3/22/20 Clover Cup Canceled
3/21/20 Kalamazoo vs Motown Canceled
3/28/20-3/29/20 Squashapalooza Canceled
3/28/20-3/29/20 Bridge City Riot Attempting to Reschedule
3/28/20 Pittsburgh vs Queen City Canceled
4/4/20 Philly Special Attempting to Reschedule
4/4/20-4/5/20 Snoho Collision Canceled
4/18/20 Inaugural Spring Sting Canceled

April 1, 2020 Update

Dear Junior Roller Derby Community -

As we continue to adjust to the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors has met regularly to discuss the implications for our sport and has some new guidance:

  • The Board of Directors is extending the freeze on JRDA sanctioned play through the end of April (March 15 - April 30).  We strongly encourage leagues to support these efforts by refraining from hosting practices or non-sanctioned games or scrimmages during this time as well.

We continue to monitor developments daily and are actively discussing prospects for May gameplay, and the subsequent viability of 2020 JRDA Championships (July in Michigan) and 2020 JRDA World Cup (August in Saskatchewan, Canada).

We know that this is a disorienting time.  As we move forward, the decisions that need to be made will be increasingly difficult and complicated.  If your league has perspectives or questions that you'd care to share, please email your thoughts to:

And remember that your Regional Coordinators are fantastic resources:

Northwest - CP Scott / Guilty MacKilty

Southwest - Shana Kerr / Ima Hotmess

Midwest - Andrea McKown / 5 ft Assassin

Northeast - Amie Buzby / Blizzard

Southeast - Sheryl Noll / Lucinda Knickers


Thank you and be safe.


The JRDA Board of Directors

March 15, 2020 Sanctioned Games Halt

In light of the latest guidance from government and health officials regarding COVID-19, the JRDA Board of DIrectors met throughout the weekend and has made the following determinations:


No JRDA sanctioned games will be played for at least one month (March 15 - April 15).  A decision to extend this pause beyond April 15th will be made no later than April 5th, with regular reevaluations made thereafter.


Leagues are strongly discouraged from hosting practices or non-sanctioned games or scrimmages while this pause is in effect.


Scheduled sanctioned games that are canceled for these reasons will not be assessed forfeit penalties.  Affected teams will receive sanctioning credit for canceled games as appropriate.


No new sanctioning requests will be approved until JRDA returns to play.  When play resumes, the sanctioning window will be reduced from 30 days to 7 days.


It is still too early to make final determinations about the viability of 2020 JRDA Championships (July) and 2020 JRDA World Cup (August).  We continue to monitor COVID-19 developments daily.  If Championships cannot be held in July, they will not be rescheduled.  If World Cup is not held in August, the event may be rescheduled (with the same team rosters) if circumstances allow.


Please reach out if you have questions.  Below are your Regional Coordinators with email links:

Northwest - CP Scott / Guilty MacKilty

Southwest - Shana Kerr / Ima Hotmess

Midwest - Andrea McKown / 5 ft Assassin

Northeast - Amie Buzby / Blizzard

Southeast - Sheryl Noll / Lucinda Knickers


Thank you and be safe.

March 12, 2020 Update

As we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving status of COVID-19, the JRDA Board of Directors has additional guidance to offer our member leagues for managing the remainder of the season.


JRDA strongly urges our members to follow national and local government guidelines regarding managing the spread of the virus and preserving the health and safety of our communities.  In affected areas, this may involve limiting the scope of gatherings and events, and possibly canceling practices and games.  Please follow local guidance from health officials in your area.  For the latest on risks, travel advisories, and more from the CDC, click here.


Leagues will not be penalized for canceling games for travel or health concerns.  Any scheduled games that are canceled for these reasons will not be treated as forfeits, and affected teams will get credit for sanctioned games played as appropriate.  If rescheduling a game takes teams within the 30-day sanctioning window, the Games Department will waive the 30-day requirement.  If you need to cancel or reschedule a game, email as soon as possible.  


JRDA's postseason events are still several months off (2020 JRDA Championships in Kalamazoo, Michigan July 24-26 and 2020 JRDA World Cup in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada August 15-16).  While it is still too early to make final decisions on these events, we are monitoring COVID-19 developments very closely.


If JRDA determines that holding 2020 JRDA Championships July 24-26 is not viable given the circumstances, they will not be rescheduled.


If 2020 JRDA World Cup cannot be contested August 15-16, efforts will be made to reschedule the event in Regina in the coming months.  In that case, selected team rosters would remain the same.


Please continue to exercise good judgment and model healthy behaviors for your players:

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds), especially before and after practices and games.
  2.  Clean and disinfect your protective gear after use.
  3.  If you are not feeling well, or are not 100% healthy, stay home to heal faster and prevent infecting your league mates.


If you have questions please feel free to ask.  Below are the contact addresses for your Regional Coordinators, who may know more about the advisories and guidance in effect in your area:

Northwest - CP Scott / Guilty MacKilty

Southwest - Shana Kerr / Ima Hotmess

Midwest - Andrea McKown / 5 ft Assassin

Northeast - Amie Buzby / Blizzard

Southeast - Sheryl Noll / Lucinda Knickers


We will update everyone with additional guidance as developments warrant.  Be safe.

March 5, 2020 Membership Email

Dear Junior Roller Derby Community,

The JRDA Mission Statement encourages a culture of service to others, and it's in that spirit that we are hoping we can all work together to keep everyone healthy this season - especially in light of ongoing guidance from the CDC regarding COVID-19.  Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Talk to your skaters about washing their hands with soap and water.

Washing hands often is the single most effective step we can take to keep ourselves and everyone around us healthy.  Encourage your skaters to wash their hands before and after practices and games.  Review with them how to do it properly, and not just the younger set - high schoolers too.  The CDC suggests washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before rinsing.  Need a timer?  Hum the "Happy Birthday" song twice from beginning to end.

2. Clean and disinfect your protective gear after practices and games.

Strap the Velcro down tightly.  Pre-soak your pads for 15 minutes in a water / white vinegar solution, then wash with cold water on a gentle cycle.  Don't use a machine dryer - unstrap the Velcro and hang the pads or let dry in the sun.

3. If your skaters are not 100% healthy, please keep them home.

For many of us this can be a gray area, or it feels like a judgment call.  For the next few weeks, remove the gray.  Keep them home.  Your skaters will feel better more quickly.  And it's an excellent way to treat teammates, coaches and opponents with consideration and kindness.

4. If you feel you should cancel or reschedule a game, contact the Games Department.

The Games Department is suspending the forfeit penalty for sanctioned games that are canceled because of health or travel concerns.  Email to discuss your specific situation and how to apply for a waiver.

5. Stay informed with trusted resources, and respect travel advisories.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention frequently updates the CDC website as more is learned; currently they advise a 14-day self-quarantine for those returning from high-risk countries or who are otherwise exposed.  For the latest on risks, travel advisories and more, you can click here.

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