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Player Registration Forms

Player Registrations

This form MUST be completed by a player's parent or legal guardian.

To complete the form, both the player and parent or legal guardian information must be provided. 

Both the player and parent or legal guardian will confirm that they have read and will accept:

Those and all other JRDA Policies can be found by going to

If you are ready to complete your skater's registration, please use the link below to access the form.

Only the players parent or guardian may fill out this form

Players that have registered will not need to register again

Age and Contact Waiver

All skaters under the age of 14 as of September 1, 2022 (date of birth after 9/1/2008) must have a signed Age & Contact Waiver on file in order to be active on a charter roster for this season.
ONE submission per player is required; do NOT submit multiple waivers for multiple players as one submission. 
If a skater is on 2 different charters for 2 different leagues, they will need a waiver submitted for each team, as both of their coaches will need to sign the waiver.

Upload A Signed Age & Contact Waiver Here


Use the form below to request that a player's skater name, skater number, and/or legal name be changed on their registration form.

Click to access skater name and number change request

Have questions regarding skater registrations?

If you have a question about your skater's registration, please contact the Games Department at

Junior Roller Derby Association.

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