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Safe Sport Plan and Resources

Committing to Safe Sport

JRDA is committed to helping junior roller derby leagues provide a safe environment for their youth athletes.

On this page you will find resources and training information on identifying abuse and how to report it.

Scroll down to read our Child Abuse Risk Management Plan.

Click on the images below the plan to access external resources.

Child Abuse Risk Management

US Safe Sport Act

As a national youth-serving sports organization, as defined in Section 204(b), the JRDA and its member leagues are required to comply with S.534 - Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 also known as the “Safe Sport Act”. The purpose of this national law is to protect athletes from child and sexual abuse.

Within the Safe Sport Act, you will find important requirements such as:

  • Reporting known or suspected child and sexual abuse within 24 hours Section 101(a)

    • This includes emotional and physical abuse

  • Designation of the US Center for Safe Sport Section 202(a) which: 

    • Provides a national reporting service and database

    • Provides free and pay for abuse training  (link broken and removed)

  • Civil remedy for personal injuries Section 102

  • Creation of policies and procedures to prevent abuse in youth-serving sports organizations Section 204(a)

  • Prevention and reporting training provided by youth-serving sports organizations for adults in regular contact with minor athletes Section 204(a)(3)

The JRDA recommends that member leagues and organizations:  

  1. Create a child abuse risk management plan that satisfies the mandatory reporting, education, and prevention policies. It should include:

    1.  Reporting suspected or known abuse within 24 hours

    2. Providing training to all adults that have regular contact with minors on how to recognize abuse and how to report it

    3. Establish procedures for the limitation of one-on-one interactions between minor athletes and adults (not including their parent or legal guardian) 

  2. Distribute the plan via paper or electronic format on an annual basis to all participating adults who are in regular contact with minor amateur athletes. Be able to obtain their written acknowledgment that they have received and completed the training.

  3. Document compliance with 1 and 2 above so that it can be introduced into evidence in the event of an allegation covered by the Safe Sport Act.

To assist in compliance, the JRDA:

  1. Requires a minimum of 2 active and registered league volunteers to complete the Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) SafeSport training and renew biennially

  2. Offers discounted  APS training for all who wish to take it

  3. Provides additional abuse recognition prevention and resources on our website

Click to access the US Center for SafeSport Homepage

The US Center for SafeSport provides a space for both training and reporting to prevent abuse.

Training ranges from $0-20. Click the PDF below for the full course catalogue or visit

Click to access the Prevent Child Abuse America Homepage

Focused on the prevention of abuse and neglect of our nations children, Prevent Child Abuse America promotes programs and resources and advocate for meaningful change.

An important resource available on their site is information on the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, which can be found by visiting or reading through the guide provided below.

Click to access the RAINN Homepage

RAINN, mainly known for its national helpline,  offers resources to help people easily identify laws regarding abuse in each state.

Helpful lists of state by state laws include:

Junior Roller Derby Association.

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