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Volunteer Registration Forms

Individual Volunteer Requirements

Requirements for Volunteers, including coaches, officials, member congress, and league admins, can be found on the Registration home tab HERE

REQUIRED-- Individual Volunteer Registration Form (see link below). Within this form you will be asked to provide the following:

  • The date of the most recent completed background screening. *New background screenings are to be completed every 2 years. See link for background screening below.
  • The date of certification of completion of the CDC Heads Up or NFHS Learn concussion training course and a  downloaded copy of your completion certificate as proof of completion. *Certifications are to be completed every 2 years. This is a free certification. See link for concussion certification below.
  • The date of completion of the Safe Sport training course. *Only two volunteers from each league are required to take this course, though it is available to all who would like to take it. Certification is to be completed every 2 years.  See link for Safe Sport certification below.

Background checks  are ordered through SportsEngine via our registration form link below. 

  • Background checks are $20.50

These are fees charged by outside organizations (the JRDA does not participate in the revenue or fees for these services).

The following must be submitted by the volunteer

Step 1

Submit a background screening.

You do not have to wait for the results of your screening to complete the remaining steps.

If you need assistance with submitting a National / US background screening for an individual that does not have a SSN, please reach out to

Step 2

Complete concussion training.

You will need to save copies of the training certificates to attach to the volunteer registration form

Link to NFHS Learn Concussion Course

Step 3 (recommended)

Complete SafeSport training.

A minimum of two (2) listed league volunteers must be current with this training.

Link to NFHS Learn Protecting Students From Abuse Course

Step 4

Complete and submit the volunteer registration form.

Certificate Updates for currently registered volunteers

Please use the form linked in the box below to update your concussion or Safe Sport certifications. You will need the following:

  • Sports Engine account profile name
  • Sports Engine account email address
  • Date of training completion
  • A copy of the certificate to upload


For questions regarding volunteer registrations an requirements contact

Junior Roller Derby Association.

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