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Volunteer Registration Forms

Individual Volunteer Requirements

Requirements for Volunteers, including coaches, officials, member congress, and league admins, can be found on the Registration home tab HERE

REQUIRED-- Individual Volunteer Registration Form (see link below). Within this form you will be asked to provide the following:

  • The date of the most recent completed background screening. *New background screenings are to be completed every 2 years. See link for background screening below.
  • The date of certification of completion of the CDC Heads Up or NFHS Learn concussion training course and a  downloaded copy of your completion certificate as proof of completion. *Certifications are to be completed every 2 years. This is a free certification. See link for concussion certification below.
  • The date of completion of the Safe Sport training course. *Only two volunteers from each league are required to take this course, though it is available to all who would like to take it. Certification is to be completed every 2 years.  See link for Safe Sport certification below.

Background checks  are ordered through SportsEngine via our registration form link below. 

  • Background checks are $20.50

These are fees charged by outside organizations (the JRDA does not participate in the revenue or fees for these services).

The following must be submitted by the volunteer

Step 1

Submit a background screening.

You do not have to wait for the results of your screening to complete the remaining steps.

If you need assistance with submitting a National / US background screening for an individual that does not have a SSN, please reach out to

Step 2

Complete concussion training.

You will need to save copies of the training certificates to attach to the volunteer registration form

Link to NFHS Learn Concussion Course

Step 3 (recommended)

Complete SafeSport training.

A minimum of two (2) listed league volunteers must be current with this training.

Link to NFHS Learn Protecting Students From Abuse Course

Step 4

Complete and submit the volunteer registration form.


For questions regarding volunteer registrations an requirements contact

Junior Roller Derby Association.

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